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A freelancer can't accept my hire offer, because some of my account settings is wrong or missing


I am an individual looking to hire someone to help me with some personal issues. I am NOT a company.

I have sent a "hire" invitation to a freelancer, but she is not able to accept the offer. Apparently some of my account settings is wrong or missing.

She said she couldn't accept the offer due to "failing email address" on my end. However, my email address has been successfully validated before. I also have a validated payment method (debit card).

I asked her about the specific error message on her end. While she is offline and hasn't responded yet, I'm here to ask for help. I think she may have misinterpreted the error message. It may be other settings / address on my profile that has a problem.


What are the necessary profile settings that I need to complete before sending a hire offer?


From this thread , It seems that I need to complete a company profile. However, I'm not a company.

Is it only the "Company details" that I need to complete, or both "Company details" and "Company contacts"? As an individual, how should I complete these fields?

Thanks in advance for any help!


Hi Hanxi,


Thank you for reaching out to us and I'm sorry to learn that you're having difficulties hiring a Freelancer. I shared your report with our team and one of our agents will reach out to you using a support ticket to assist you further. You can access your support tickets here.


~ Arjay
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