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Accepted Invite to Join Team but Nothing Happens

I received an email invitation from my Upwork employer to join a team (in order to review proposals submitted for a job posting they made). I clicked the "get started" button in the email. It just opened my Upwork feed. I tried every Upwork menu item but there appears to be no new options available and I cannot see my employee's posting or any proposals for it.


I checked my team memberships but are are no new entries. All the existing entries are just contracts I've entered into as a freelancer. I also tried multiple browsers and reset my cache with no success.


Can you please help me to see my employers job posting and associated proposals?





Hi Jan,


I see that you've recently raised a support ticket regarding your concern. As soon as the next available agent gets your ticket in their queue, they'll contact you to assist you further.

~ Luiggi

Hello LuiggiR,


Thanks for your reply - I am looking forward to being contacted by an agent. 

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