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Account is already exist but does not exist

thats my experience with upwork with my reall account which is associated with Linkden and github ,...


i try to catch the support but man customer server sucks !!! 


i had my account and when i try to log in it says this username does not exist and while try to reset the password it also says account is not correct ,and then i try to sign up with the same email it gives me that this email address already exist!!! what!!!

i also need to mention that i tried to close my account once but i assume when you re login its should be activated or atleast have a way to activate it back again!!!


Hi Ayden,


Thank you for reaching out to us. I can see that you opened a support ticket for this. I reached out to the team handling your case and shared your report. They will reach out to you soon to assist you further. You can access your support tickets here.

~ AJ
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Hi I have the same issue can you please help me.


My partner is trying to sign up for his upwork account and then it says account already exist. then when he try to login using a google account it says 

Google account d...o@gmail.com is not recognized for Google Sign-In on Upwork. Please make sure you are using the same account that you have previously linked.


what to do 🥺🥺🥺



Hi Kimberly,


Thank you for your message. I am sorry to hear about the trouble signing up for Upwork. Could you please request your partner to contact us directly via any of our social media handles? They can private message us on Facebook by following this link or Tweet us on Twitter.  


Thank you,


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Hi there I am kind of having the same problem, can you please help me? I created an account more than a year ago and then did not use it. Now when I try to log in, it says the email does not exist. On the other hand if I try to sign up with the same email it says the email is already in use. I would really like to continue with my old account as it's linked to my paypal. Created this one so that I can reply. Please help.

Hi Nafisa,


Could you please reach out to me via PM (click on my name) with more details about your original account so that I can assist you further? The email address associated with the account would be extremely helpful. Looking forward to your message. Thank you.


~ Arjay
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