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Account stolen


My account was stolen today and the person that stole my account changed my email too, so I cannot access my email adress anymore. My name is also probably changed because I can't find my profile on Upwork anymore.

The person who stole my account also posted some jobs so I need to get my account quickly before this person does dangerous things in my account.

The name of my profile before it was changed was Fatima Betul Bakaner with **Edited for Community Guidelines** as its mail adress.

Please help me soon or delete my account  permanently.


Hi there,


We saw your post in the community and converted it into a support ticket to give it the attention it deserves. Rest assured that one of our agents will be reaching out to you.


Community Member

Dark Pokémon:

I hope Upwork personnel are able to help you.


But also:

You should focus on figuring out what YOU did wrong.

So that you can make sure this doesn't happen again in the future.

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