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Agency problem with fake account

Hello! Good day! My Name is Ralph Joseph Leonardo Javier.
here is my story. I have a friend whos name is marvin dela cruz who is owns an agency DLC annotations. 

he created an account for me which is **Edited for Community Guidelines**even though I have my original account as **Edited for Community Guidelines** he gave me that account for me to use and fully verified it and work for a month or 2 and endured 1...Community Guidelines** which is fake. he took estimated sum 300$ from me. and now I think he wants to report my original account on upwork or hack into my original account which is**Edited for Community Guidelines** I wanted to use this from now on. Please help me find justice from this I know it's my fault for giving away informations such as my license and TIN ID.

**Edited for Community Guidelines**

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