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Aggressive freelancer not finishing work and demanding more money

I hired a freelancer to create a pitch deck video. I outlined in great detail the requirements and he agreed to my price. Over the past few weeks, this freelancer has now become very argumentative and aggressive in his communication and continues to demand more money and imply/threat of non-release of files or completion of job. He claims he is doing additional work but all my requests or feedback relates directly to the job he was hired for. I just want the job completed I have never worked with anyone through the Upwork platform that has ever been this aggressive and difficult to work with. He agreed to the job and I do not believe it is my obligation to give him more money (as he continues to demand) simply because corrections or adjustments need to be made. He is now not completing work and making threats to not send files until I send more money.

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End the contract.
Ask for Refund.

initiate the dispute if required.
Post a new job and get it done by someone better.
On Upwork or in any business it should be the worker who should be worried about the client's satisfaction, and it can never be other way round.


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