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Am I dropping chances because I'm being honest?

Hello Guys!


I had a feeling for a long time that when I'm refusing to share my contact information for meetings only before having the first contract, am I also dropping the opportunity? I know it's a rule and I strictly agree and would always love to follow this rule but in my experience so far what I noticed is, that clients are not that bothered and they don't feel comfortable with this restriction. In fact, they often ask for direct contact information or even sometimes share their contact information freely It sounds like they either don't care about that rule or Upwork TOS doesn't apply to them.


I'm saying that because on many occasions when I refused the client didn't choose the alternative option for meetings and they have hired someone else. And that leads me to have a doubt about the process.


Please refer to the screenshot carefully, this potential client invited me, and offered me a call by asking my email to share the calendar invite. I refused and clarified the option to use the messenger's built-in meeting system. Just the next day she came in and said she interviewed someone else yesterday. My question is, how did she get to connect with that interviewee? I'm completely fine I'm not hired, but is it that someone else is using a bad technic and setting the meetings as the client prefers and getting benefited?


This is not the first time I noticed this. I believe that trustworthy and reliable freelancers deserve better support to experience the best of this marketplace.


I would appreciate it if I could hear your thoughts, feedback and your stories like how you faced this. I'm not against the rule, but rule shouldn't impact someone negatively.

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You did all right.

You can lose some job (no guarantee that you can be hired after sharing contacts) but you won't be banned for ToS violation.

Keep follow rules, it is safest way. Dont worry: client who broke rules from begin also can scam you. It is not your client.

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Thank you for your opinion Mykola. Looks like you didn't notice, I know already what you said and I have clearly mentioned that in my post. My point is there should be something that helps the clients acknowledge, understand and accept that. The goal is to give everyone a fair chance and an effortless communication method with the client. I feel like the clients don't wanna give much effort to interview/communicate with a freelancer.


Maybe some more tools like advanced calendars, advertisements of those tools to the clients about how easily they can communicate without needing personal contact, etc.


Hope it makes sense!

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