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Apply now button is disabled

Hi there, 

Why the Apply button is disabled in my account. I cannot send a proposal. 


Hi Hotniida,


We saw your post in the community and converted it into a support ticket to give it the attention it deserves. Rest assured that one of our agents will be reaching out to you on this page with further assistance.


~ Arjay
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Hi Arjay—I notice that there are several posts on this now, including the one where Natalia and I also mentioned we are experiencing this:




(with no other responses)


Is there an answer that can be made public yet?

Hi Kelly,


I tried replicating the issue you mentioned, and it seems to work. Have you tried to use a different browser or clear your cache and cookies before retrying? Did it give the same result?

~ Joanne
Community Member

As I said in the post I linked above, I did try clearing my cache, to no effect. Same result.


Unfortunately, I don't have another browser available on my computer that works with Upwork. (I keep hoping UW will go back to providing me with the same results it did a couple of years ago so I can get enough money together for a newer computer, but umm... that's not what's happening.)


I was feeling pretty hopeless about this new problem, but since there are *at least* five or six posts within the last few days with the same problem, I realized it's not just me, which gave me a vague hope that maybe I'm not done with UW.

Thank you for letting us know, Kelly. We’ve escalated your community post to a support ticket. One of our agents will be in touch with you soon to assist.

~ Luiggi
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Thanks Luiggi—


Support didn't provide any help, unfortunately.


And YET!!  ——this morning it's all working fine on my poor old computer. Hitting the Apply button loads properly, just as it did a couple of weeks ago.


Please ask your devs not to touch anything for a while, especially not that thing they touched earlier in the month!!!   :-))))))


Still wishing Upwork was delivering the income it used, to so I could get a newer computer and hopefully experience these problems less often... but at least being able to apply for a job if I see one, is a step.



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Hi ArjayM.


I'm facing the same issue I'm attaching screenshot for the reference.

I don't know what to do.

Hi Muhammad,


I checked your account, and you need to update your profile photo. Please log into your account and update your profile photo following the information in this help article

~ Joanne
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