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AutoClick (please Help me avoid this to happen again)

Hello Everyone!,

I recently got a notification of using an "autoclicker" to track my hours,


Lately I have been working On my Ipad Pro for my comissions, and the IOS App does not suport the upwork Clock, therefore I still have to run the clock on my computer, while I work on my Tablet. so I always ask the client if they are confurtable with me working that way and so far the 3 clients I have had, have not had a problem with it as long as I meet my derivables. 


now, after being contacted by the Upwork Team, and "cleared the problem out" (long/short story just explained that I do not use any thirdparties app to alter my work hours, and they gave me a warning that if it keeps happening I would get Banned) they in fact showed me, that is not possible, that no keyboard or mouse click has been registered, and still the "activity Bar" shows the computer active withing the 10 minutes frame of each screenshot. see example .

Screen Shot 2022-06-08 at 11.40.56 AM.png

Therefore, I was Hoping someone in here could help me. or if you have any clue on how can I diagnose it? im realy concern about this happening, im trully not using any autoclicker, and dont want to lose the little reputation I have build so far on this platform, for something I have no clue on how is happening.


thanks for your time an support,

Pedro Diaz 



Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Pedro, 

The team is currently looking into this. Once we have more information, we'll come back here and share it with you. 

~ Avery
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