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Available Now Filter in Freelancer Search Results for Clients

We’re testing a new feature that allows clients to filter their search results for freelancers by the Available now badge.


Check out the product update for Available Now Filter in Freelancer Search Results for Clients and let us know your thoughts about this update in the comments below.

Community Member

I am pretty sure your reason for being as a platform is to match clients with the most qualified freelancers, not the most available ones.

The most qualified reelancers are rarely ever available to start immediately.

But they may be available to start tomorrow, the day after, and so on.


Just come clean and say you're looking for new ways to make money, and it'd be a lot more straightforward and easier to swallow, than convoluted arguments with logic that sometimes doesn't add up.


Is the default toggle on or off?

ETA: If your screenshot is anything to go by, then the default toggle is off.


It better stay that way.


Community Member

I think it is a very interesting idea, but I think that for the new freelancers that are starting up now it means to have an income that allows us to buy the connects to be able to be on par with those who have been working for a longer time, I understand that when you want to start something you must have income, but sometimes not all of us can count on this. Looking at it from this perspective we would be at a disadvantage compared to others.

Thank you

Translated with **Edited for Community Guidelines**

Community Member

I've noticed that the more you do all sorts of tests, the more cluttered the job feed becomes.
For example, this is the third day I've seen the same job posted two hours ago. Yesterday it was just awful - jobs would appear and disappear and then reappear as if they had just been printed. There's something wrong here.
As for these icons, excuse me, but they are useless. I did the analysis for myself and didn't notice any change. So the icons remain just icons.
As the saying goes. If the car starts, don't let the engine run.
I'm not against changes and all sorts of improvements.
But I think it would be nice if you put them on a separate site somewhere.
Your tests are costing us a lot of money.

Community Member

This is in my opinion misleading. Whatever name you use, this is paid advertising. So if that switch said, "show ads only", who would use this filter?

Community Member

My experience with this "available now" button is not good. The first time I tried it I only got weird invitations to jobs that didn't match my competencies, not even close. 

Last week I gave it another chance and I got zero views or invitations. It looks like I have just spent my connects without any chance to get something in return. 

It has not worked for me at all, honestly.

Community Member

1. How can we know when this weekly charge changes? Where will you post it? (Because I know you don’t notify us!)

2. How often does it actually fluctuate?

3. Has the charge ever actually gone down?

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