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Blocking the account for receiving payments

I concluded a contract with the client, where I fulfilled the terms of the contract, for which I kept payment. After some time, Upwork blocked my account. Motivated by the fact that the client's bank canceled this payment and I need to return the amount under the contract. Although at the same time Upwork received its commission. Why do I have to refund the full amount and overpay for the Upwork commission? And why is my account blocked if Upwork guarantees payments from clients, but here the problem has been shifted to the freelancer?


Hi Roman,


Thank you for reaching out and I'm sorry to learn about this disappointing experience. I can see that you've communicated with the team via a support ticket here. We highly suggest you follow the instructions provided by the team so that they can assist you accordingly and more efficiently.


~ Arjay

But they didn't help me, why should I pay for the commission that Upwork took? Why is it my fault if Upwork has problems with the client's bank? Why won't they answer these questions?

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