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Boost Your Proposal to the Top of List (March 2022 Update): Questions & Feedback

Today we’re reintroducing the boosted proposals feature with some changes. Read the announcement from James, Director of Product, here and let us know your thoughts about these updates in the comments below.

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Hello Everyone,


First, we want to acknowledge the ongoing feedback you all are sharing. We appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts, opinions, and concerns with Boosted Proposals and want to ensure you our product teams are listening and reading every comment. 


Second, we want to reiterate that part of our mission at Upwork is to connect talent with more opportunities which is why we launched Boosted Proposals in support of that. With that in mind, we know there are lingering questions and we want to take this opportunity to be transparent on the value of Boosted Proposals to freelancers and clients, and also answer a few of the recurring questions/themes. 


Why Boosted Proposals? We created Boosted Proposals as an opportunity for freelancers to show a strong interest in jobs they feel they are the best fit for. Additionally, Boosted Proposals increases the chances of getting noticed and receiving their desired rate. 


What is the true value for freelancers and clients? Boosted Proposals provides an additional lever for freelancers to pull when submitting a proposal without removing existing features (JSS, Top-rated, etc.)  that signal success. Freelancers with a Boosted Proposal have more control over their outcomes while clients gain insight on who has a strong desire for a job. Additionally, boosting improves a freelancer’s chances of being hired by 43%, this means that a freelancer can use the feature as a way to secure the same amount of work they did before, but lower their proposal volume, saving their time and effort.


Based on the test, it appeared there was a lot of negative feedback in the Community, how did you decide to move forward with Boosted Proposals? We collected feedback via multiple channels and methods within our testing, including tracking hire rates and speaking directly with freelancers and clients—this evidence fueled the team to move forward with this feature. 



We hope this addresses some concerns regarding Boosted Proposals and the Upwork team always encourages feedback as we look to make Upwork The World’s work marketplace. 





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If I were a member of Upwork, I would propose a few changes to make the platform more professional. First, I would recommend closing the door to amateurs and focusing on evaluating freelancers within their respective niches. This approach would elevate the overall professionalism of the platform.

Additionally, I would advocate for removing the free connects feature. With the increased number of connects available, the 10 free connects have become less meaningful, and their removal could encourage more thoughtful and serious job applications.

Lastly, I would suggest removing any boosting badges that may potentially damage the freelancing business in the long term. These badges can sometimes distort the competitive landscape and might not be in the best interest of both freelancers and Upwork.

I hope Upwork takes these suggestions into consideration for the betterment of the platform and the freelancers who rely on it.

This is a great point Ivane - connects have been effectively devalued as a currency now that many posts cost 16 connects to apply to, and if others are boosting sometimes 100 connects.  

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boosting profiles seems less effective compared to other methods I've tried. I've already invested 170+170 connects in promoting my profile with no significant results; it only wasted my connects. I hope Upwork comes up with a more efficient promotion strategy. I'm willing to spend $100 per month if the platform could return to the performance levels seen in 2020-2021.

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From the various feedback I've seen in this thread and many others, it's clear that the boosting feature is not effective in the ways it was supposed to be. It seems like the boosted feature is possibly causing the clients to view boosted features like paid ads. I know it may seem coincidental but since the feature arrived I've seen a massive drop in reponses. It just feels like a scam. We, as hardworking freelancers already pay percentages to upwork on every job. I would suggest that if you boost and your proposal is not viewed after a period of time, the connects should be re-imbursed. Otherwise we are literally paying for nothing.  

Agreed and they also hold our connects in terms of bid, so we can not bid more projects because it takes time to reimburse. I found this option completely insane and time wasting in favor of freelancers. I beleive up work must remove it as soon as possible.

I agree, Gavin.  There are currently around 90 proposals I have paid for which seem to be inactive - nobody is being hired.  I should be reimbursed for those rather than having to keep buying these useless boosted connects, which have only lead to LESS of my proposals being viewed.


This platform is going into the toilet.  

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