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Buy connects


1) Is there any way to buy connects from Upwork other than PayPal? 

2) Is there any way Upwork can ask PayPal to transfer $6.00 that are put on hold by PayPal for a ridiculous reason.

This money was brought into my account by sending a request to my niece in New Zealand to buy connects from Upwork. But PayPal has put it on hold saying it is their policy to put on hold for 21 days as they consider me a seller. This is my first transaction at PayPal. Though, I have informed them that I am a freelancer at Upwork and this money is sent to me by my niece to purchase connects from Upwork. 


Hi Rajendra,


Yes, you can buy Connects using a credit or debit card and your available Upwork balance. You can see this article for more information. Regarding the transaction you mentioned, we're afraid that isn't a situation we can assist you with, as they have their policies and procedures they must follow. You can get in touch with PayPal support if you need further assistance with that.

~ Luiggi
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