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Can I get my connects back ?


I submit a job for 8 connects but this job is no longer available and Upwork took 8 connects from me. Can I get my 8 connects back please ?

Thank you

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You will get back your connects automatically if the job is no longer availabe(Removed). 

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Hi Sarah,


It seems like "the job is no longer available" because client has hired someone. You won't get your connects back in that case unless the client some donates back, which is very unlikely to happen.


You will get your used connects back immediately only if Upwork removes a job for any rules violation. 


There is another instance. If you use additional connects to boost your proposal, and if someone else out-boost you afterwards, then you will get back those additional connects after a certain period of time, may be a week or so, I can't recall the accurate time atm.


Hope it helps. Cheers! 


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