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Can I still flag pishing/scamming?

I have searched high and low for the "flagging" feature that is supposed to be found "throughout the Upwork platform".  


I want to flag an email, or the client, or the posting -- simply don't see the option.


Is my account somehow hobbled so that I cannot flag?


I've been quite underwhelmed by the numbers of scammers, but even more concerned that it's this difficult to try and stop them.


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Click on the job and then a window will open with a green flagging prompt. Click on that and another window will open where you can select why the post is inappropriate. At least that's what's supposed to happen. But be aware that if you were to flag all of the spam and scams you see, it would take up your entire day.

Thanks. Actually, I'm not seeing the flag option. Can employers pay to
not be flagged?

I wouldn't bother normally, but I'm watching in real-time as 7
other freelancers take on this contract, and I know they are getting
Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Tom,


Thank you for reaching out to us. I checked but I could not replicate the issue you experience. Could you please try to follow these steps to flag the job post? 


  • Click the Flag as inappropriate button, located at the upper right of every job and public profile on Upwork
  • Select a reason you think the posting is inappropriate
  • Click Submit


You can find more information in this help article. Let us know if you need further assistance. 

~ Nikola
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Thank you.

WHERE is the flagging feature, please?

[image: image.png]
It sounds like this has come up before:

After you click on the job title in the feed, you should see this appear in part of a new window that opens up. If you can't see it, then there is a bug on your and Upwork's end.




Please send the link to the job immediately to Nikola S so that he can inform the team and they can take it down before too many people are scammed.

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