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Can not able to add members in agency

I have upgrade my agency account and paid 20$ for agency account but not able to add team memebers in my agency. I can not able to send invite to other freelancers to add and work in my team


Hi there,


Thank you for reaching out to us. I checked your account and was able to see agency members added to your team. Are you getting any error messages when adding new agency members? Because if you are to invite freelancers who have active proposals, contracts, and unwithdrawn earnings to be exclusive agency members, they would have to withdraw all their proposals first. Otherwise, you'll get an error message saying that they can't be added to your agency. Another option is to add them as non-exclusive agency members so they can be part of your team and still work for other clients independently.


You may refer to this article for more information on adding and removing agency members, and this article know more about exclusive and non-exclusive agency members. 


Please let us know if you still need further assistance. We'll be here to help!

~ AJ
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