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Can someone please reach out to this client (No Client Info Included)


I applied to a job which was posted on the 24th of July (or thereabouts - time zones vary) and asked for the work to be completed by the deadline of 27th of July. As it seemed like a great opportunity with a challenging assignment, I applied with a boosted proposal of 20 connects (minimum was 4).


Now, the 27th has passed, the client hasn't hired anyone nor have they checked the posting since. In all likelihood they are set to let the job expire without closing it leading to my 20 connects (and those of other applicants) being wasted only because the client won't close a job post which is now practically defunct. Please see the screenshot below for details (it doesn't have any info that identifies the client or the particular posting).

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I have seen it previously mentioned on these forums that Upwork Staff recognize that this is not ideal and they actively encourage clients to close jobs if they no longer intend to hire anyone. Can someone from the Staff reach out and do a little bit of constructive client education in this case please and help close the job? To clarify, I support the system of paid connects and bidding on proposals via boosting but I want it to serve its purpose systematically in filtering serious contenders instead of it being a crapshoot.


I think it's not in line with community guidelines to mention client/job details so I'll be happy to provide the info through DM or in a comment as required. Thanks!

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Hi Amit,


Clients will see various notifications and prompts guiding them through the process of posting a job, selecting, interviewing and hiring candidates and closing the job. If a job isn't being used, they'll get a notification informing them that they could cancel it. That said, we do not reach out to specific clients separately with a request to close a job. Clients may keep a job open for a week or more for various reasons based on their approach to hiring. 

~ Valeria
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