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Can't change country

I signed up for Upwork while I was travelling but didn't finish my profile. My country is set to Serbia but I now live in the US. Every time I try to access the account settings page to edit location it just redirects me to the "create profile" page. How am I meant to change my country before submitting my profile for review?


Hi all,


This thread has been closed from further replies due to its size and because the information shared here is now outdated. We appreciate your participation in the Community.


Thank you!


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Hi Valeria,

I'm struggling with a similar issue. Any way I could get assistance in changing it from Canada to Zimbabwe?

Hi Buhle,


Your country is now updated, thank you.

~ Goran
Community Member

I started building my Upwork profile, but I made the mistake of putting USA as my country when I currently live in Mexico City and will be living here indefinitely. I can't verify my phone number because I have a Mexican phone number so the code is +52 rather than +1. I am a US citizen with a US bank account so I put the USA originally. How do I change my country to Mexico so I can continue building my profile? I have looked up going to settings to change it, but I don't have that option as I have not completed my profile and verified it with a phone number (I don't  have a US phone so I can't do this).

Hi Cristalan,


I went ahead and updated your location information so it reflects Mexico as your country. You should be able to complete your profile now but let us know if you run into any further issues.


Thank you.

~ Valeria

Hi Valeria,


I'm having a similar problem to Cristalan. I put down USA as my country (as my bank and tax information are there) but am currently living in South Korea. Could you please help me change my country so I'm able to verify my account?


Thank you so much~


Hi Carson, 

I have updated your country to South Korea as requested. Please update your address to reflect the address you have in South Korea to make sure that you have trutful, and accurate information on your account. 

Let me know if you need further help!

~ Avery

Hi Avery


I'm in the middle of creating profile, and the country is shown as US, but i'm based in Thailand, please help update, thanks!

Hi Steven,

Your country is now updated, thank you.

~ Goran
Community Member

Hello, I was connected thru a customer proxy when I created my UpWork account and by mistake I let USA (auto selected) as country, I realize it cannot be changed during the profile creation, so I kindly request your help to set the right country (Venezuela) in order to move forward with my account configuration. Thanks in advance for your help. Regards, Julio


This is the Community Forum, which is essentially a discussion board used by Upwork users.


It IS POSSIBLE that a Forum Moderator (who works for Upwork officially) will see your request and help you out with it.


But the official proper way for you to get help with this is to contact Upwork Customer Support and submit a help ticket, asking them humbly to help you correct your country location to the right country.



Thanks for the prompt response Preston H, 


I did try to request help from support section but at the end it requests to select a channel where "Discuss with UpWork Community" seems to be the one which makes sense, so I assume it will take me to this forum.

At this point, you may simply need to wait for a Moderator to read this thread and help you.


There is no direct way for you to make the change yourself.

I have a similar issue too. When I signed up, my country was set to United states. Now, whenever I log into upwork, I am always at the Create profile Page and I can't do anything, because I need a us phone number. Can you please change it to israel?

Hi Mahmoud,


Your country has been updated. Please, make sure to update the rest of your address and continue with completing your profile.



~ Valeria

Hi, I have a similar problem. When I created my profile, it was automatically saved to United States. I am currently in France, I have a French cell phone number. If you could assist in resolving the problem, I would greatly appreciate it.  Thank You.

Hi Muluken,


Thank you for reaching out to us! Your Country was updated as per your request. Feel free to update the rest of the information on your profile.

~ Bojan

I made the same mistake while creating the new profile. Could I change the country in order to verify my phone number?

Hi Silentium,


Could you please confirm the country where you are currently located so we can assist you? Thanks!

~ Joanne

I need to change my country - I am working in Australia but accidentally set my country as the United States as that is where I am from. 


Can someone reset my account so that I am able to update the country and continue setting up my profile?

Hi Valeria,

I hope you're well.

I have selected the US by mistake (instead of ALgeria) and am currently facing the same issue. I will appreciate your help.

Hi Draou,


I updated your country to Algeria as requested. Let us know if you need further assistance.


Thank you.

~ Aleksandar



How can I change my country location for Jobs?


I made a mistake in inserting the United States instead of the United Kingdom. 



Thank you.

Hi Ola,


I checked and it looks like you have updated your location correctly. I can see that you are now able to access jobs for U.K only. 

~ Joanne


I cant change my country on my profile. My tax number belongs to Germany and I will kindly ask you to edit it to Berlin, Germany.





Hi Hulya,


I've shared your concern with the team and we'll have one of our agents reach out to you via a support ticket to further assist you.

Thank you.

~ Luiggi

Hi Julio,


We'll go ahead and switch the location setting for you so you can continue with your profile creation.


Thanks for reaching out!

~ Valeria

Thank you Valeria!


It will be highly appreciated.


Best regards.

Hello Valeria, 

I am having a similar issue that some people have reported on here regarding the wrong location while creating a profile. My current location is  Flagstaff, AZ, USA. However, the profile reports my home country that I visited while I started creating the Upwork profile. Would it be possible to have the location corrected to my current one in the US? I really appreciate the help!

Hi Daria,


We'll help you with the switching of the location for you.


Hi Team,


I also stuck with this problem.

I am creating my profile and it is showning my country as Unitest states and not allowing me to change same.

I need to set same to India.

Please help me as appropriate.




Hi Laxmi, 

I recently updated your country from United States to India. You should be able to update your address accordingly.

~ Avery

Hi, I create my profile in Armenia, and I leave in Armenia, but when I tried to create my profile, it shows only Norway, please help

Hi Aleksander,

Your country has been changed to Armenia and you'll now be able to finish completing your address in your user settings. Thanks!



I'm having the same problem. I should switch from USA to Italy.


Thank you for your help



Hi Francesco,

I just updated your country to Italy, if further help is needed let me know, thank you.

~ Goran

I want to change my location to Pakistan. Iam unable to do it. Kindly help me out

Hi Sadia,


Could you please confirm the issue you're experiencing when trying to update your location? You should be able to go to Settings > Contact info and update the location section there.


Please note that you'll need to enable a Security question here before you're able to access the rest of your settings.

Community Member

Hi Avery,


Please can you do this for me as well, i sellected USA by mistake while making a profile and i want this profile for Pakistan. 


I'll be very thankfull if you can help me with this problem.


**Edited for community guidelines**

Hi Ivan,


Your country has been updated to Pakistan. Feel free to add the rest of the information on your profile. Thank you!

~ Bojan

Thank you Bojan. Really appreciate your support and such a quick response. 

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