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Client Interview No-shows

I've had four potential clients in a row, schedule and confirm interviews with me and then not show up at the scheduled time.  No courtesy of a communication to let me know they changed their mind, can't make it, etc.  This is a complete waste of my working time when this occurs since I carved out 30-60 minutes for that interview as well as prepped so I'd be knowledgable of client's business.  I typically allow for 48 hours to pass just in case they had some urgent issue that prevented them from showing up.  Once that passes, I withdraw my proposal and send them a note letting them know I would have appreciated a communication from them instead of a "no show".  What can be done to flag these folks who are disrespectful of our time?  I can't seem to find a reporting method.

Community Manager
Community Manager

I'm sorry to learn about your experience, Shawnna. 

While there is no option to leave feedback for a freelancer or client before a contract starts, I will share your post with the team in case it can be considered for future releases. 

I hope it was a misunderstanding and the clients get back to you soon. 

~ Avery
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