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Client asked for change but unresponsive

I am having trouble with a very unresponsive client. I waited 14 days to get funds released from escrow for a fixed-price job. After confirming with me that she had recieved my submitted work, she went dead silent until the 14th day, requesting unspecified changes. I have over 20 years translating, and I have no idea what she wants changed. I did EXACTLY what was asked for and required in the job description. There are no more changes that I can make, I did the job the best of my abilities. The fact that the client is ignoring my repeated pleas for some kind of communication has me a little concerned. I would appreciate any help. Thank you

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Was the money in escrow automatically released after 14 days? Because it should have been unless you re-requested it at some point, in which case the 14 day waiting period starts over again. Was the money in escrow actually funded, or was it to be paid in the form of a bonus? If it was a bonus, you've probably been scammed and will never get your money.

It was funded. I just submitted and waited. I didn't request anything. Then the 14th day, got a request for changes (unspecified), and it seems that whatever I submit again will start another cycle of 14 days. Thanks for your response, appreciate it. 

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It's as if my payment request from 14 days ago just disappeared or got reset.

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Hi Daniel,


I have checked your account and it looks like there's already a support ticket created with your concern. Please don't hesitate to reach out and communicate with our team through that ticket for updates and further assistance.


~ Arjay
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