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Client asking to post real estate ad on my Facebook marketplace.

I am new to Upwork. This guy hired me and we discussed everything on Upwork and he sent me the contract through Upwork. The next day the contract is paused due to a problem in his account. It was resolved after he said he has verified his identity.  The work is to post a real estate post on my Facebook marketplace and send him contact numbers of people. I don't know why but I started to google today and I found out about real estate scams. I have already worked for 11 hours. What should I do now? I have contacted Upwork too. What advise would you guys give? 

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Yes, it's a scam and you could be held responsible for your part in it. Stop working and take down any ads that you posted, and warn the people who responded to the ads. You won't be paid, but the scammer will be banned so at least any feedback won't count against you. 


Next time a "job" like this comes up, ask yourself why a person wouldn't be able to post their own ads on Facebook? The only reason for using a middleman is to scam people.

I have stopped working on it and deleted the listing too which resulted in losing all the Facebook messages. I do have the contact details for those people so I will try to text them all to beware. Just ended the contract and left feedback too.  Thank you for your reply. 

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