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Client reverse money from bank during dispute



I have received this message from Upwork mediation specialist.

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They says me i received the money on 13 june but then this happened .

What should i do now ?



Anwaar liaquat

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is that the end of the message from the mediator? it doesnt say what the next step is or what to expect from this point moving forward?

This is the last message from another mediator. 

Community Manager
Community Manager

I'm sorry to learn about your experience, Anwar. 

A member of the team will reach out to you directly to assist you further with your concern. 

~ Avery
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Hello  Avery,



Fristly the meditator says you'll receive the payment on 9 june then he said I'll receive on 13 june now they send me this message also client isn't responding to the Upwork dispute.

Also they takes too long to reply. Please make the process fast



Hi Anwar,


We're sorry for the delay as our Support team is experiencing a higher than usual volume of requests and the tickets are attended to in the manner that they were received. As this is already being handled by support, please send your questions or requests to the support ticket in order for the agent assigned to your case to assist you. When everything is in one place we can be more efficient at assisting you. 

~ AJ
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