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Client sent message asking me to ID.me

Is this legitimate?  Below is the end of a message that was sent to me by a client in Upwork.  They are a new client to Upwork that lists 2/26/24 as the date.

I'm a new freelancer, and I'm afraid to do the ID.me.  I don't want to be scammed.


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Just a suggestion from my own experience.

I stay away from clients that are only a few days old. It means to me they are a flashi in the pan, bogus project, fishing for answers, or a fat old scam. I am also very weary of the country if not listed, or really stupid ID names!

If in doubt, I look them up leswhere on the web to see if they are legit!

But that's just me!


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Hi Mindy,

I would'nt send any ID verification to a client. I believe Upwork ID verifies us when we sign up. I've gotten messages on LinkedIn, Behance, etc. You can tell by the spelling/grammer. They make up fake accounts and emails that sound and look legit. Sometimes they copy and paste from other job posts. 

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Thank you, ladies!  The message is very professional with excellent grammer and company is USA based.  **Edited for Community Guidelines**

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