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Client slandering me and leave a lied feedback

Okay, i'll be honest with this client name **Edited for Community Guidelines** from a company named**Edited for Community Guidelines**. All the things he said was a total lie. He slandering me and lied on the feedback and said that i was deleted the work.


It all start when he keep asking me and wanted me to do things that are not metioned in the contract. So i asking him to give me a feedback first for this current job because the job has been delivered and completed Successfully before i can answer his questions.


But he was mad about me asking the feedback first before i can answer his question. In that Situation he Suddenly panicked because he thinks i will do bad things to his work and then he go to his server in**Edited for Community Guidelines** to reset his droplet password via hahucloud interfaces and then cause the server configuration to change and make the website go down.


So it was solely his mistake and his action alone that caused the problem to the server. And then he blamed me for everthing.


and in the end he solve the problem by himself and knowing thats all was his miskate at first and all the data was still there and not deleted like he said when he slandering and accusing me.

in the end he said he want to remove his feedback. but it was not removed until now and it is really broke my heart and reputation.

please do something upwork team. you can see all the documentation and prove between me and him in the message.



**Edited for Community Guidelines**

**Edited for Community Guidelines**


Hi Muhammad,


Thank you for reaching out. Feedback represents the user's opinion, and because of this, we can't edit these comments or scores, nor can we investigate them for accuracy. If you have issues with feedback, please discuss it with your client directly. If the client agrees to revise their comments or scoring, you can enable feedback changes from within the contract.

~ AJ
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