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Clients' history not updated

Hello, I wish to point out that I came across several cases of client's history not updated, where past and ongoing jobs and reviews are not visible, although they appear in the information snippets of their profile and job posts. I see this as an issue, as such information is important for me when I evaluate the history of prospective and current clients, and the reviews from other freelancers, before and during a contract.

Is there a bug in the system? Can this be sorted out? I would appreciate your advice, thank you. 


Hi Deborah, 


Thank you for following up. I would like to clarify that our engineers are aware of this issue and they are working as fast as possible to resolve it. We will update this thread as soon as we have more information. 


We appreciate your patience and understanding while this issue is being resolved. 


Edited to update information. 


I would like to let you know that the issue is now resolved. If you are still experiencing issues or need further assistance, let us know, and we will be happy to assist you further. 

~ Nikola

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Upwork, Do you have any answer for this? Don't you think it's necessary and it should be transparent?

Hi Aayush,


Apologies for the delay in responding to this post and thank you for bringing this issue to our attention. I understand the importance of real-time updates on both freelancer and client profiles for maintaining transparency and aiding informed decision-making.


Your observation regarding the said discrepancy is indeed concerning. Could you please click on my name above this post and send me a private message with the job post link you are referring to? 


- Pradeep


Hi Pradeep, This issue is not only for a single post or a single client. This issue is with Each post and each client. We can't see any real-time updates for any client. I just shared an example with you for that client, I have seen more than 30 similar cases for my existing client only. Then think, How many more there will be?


We can't see their recent hires or their Total Payout. Nothing is updated regularly.

Even client rating is 0 after spending $2k

Thanks for the details, Aayush. Our engineers are currently working on resolving this issue. In the meantime, I created a support ticket so you can be assisted directly by one of our agents.

~ Luiggi
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They have put the ticket on-hold and gave me this reply - 
"It appears that your issue is more complex, and our Technical Support Team is now investigating this issue. I will be sending you a reply as soon as I receive an update. I have set the status of your ticket to "on-hold," but you do not need to provide additional information at this time."

What do you mean you are putting it on hold? This issue has been over the last 1 year and many people already raised this issue but you never fixed this issue. This time also you are putting it on hold and saying you are investigating. It's a clear technical issue from your side, what needs to be investigated.


If you can start charging more and more connects on job post from us, then it's not your duty to fix this issue ASAP. Then why this issue is not been fixed from last 1 year instead of so many complaints? If you can charge higher connects from us, at least we can expect this much transparency from Upwork. 


5 months back, I gave a client 1 star and bad feedback, Still, it's not showing in his profile. If a new freelancer is going to work with him, Is it not necessary for him to see that 1-star feedback? There should be transparency and real-time update of Clients profile also as Freelancers profile do.

I got same reply whenever I inform bug for my jss and eligible week calculation 

Yes, I received the exact-same worded messag for a different bug I reported; which about 5 or 6 weeks later was half-fixed.


This likely means it's with the development team and they are now fixing it; i.e., it means it's out of the hands of the Support Team.


That's good news... depending on the fix.

They report to their developers but nothing update after 25-27 days and my eligible weeks are decreasing and who knows that didn't counted job can impact on my jss


So they inform their team but nothing fixing after month as well and it's not in one bug it's for several bugs I inform in Jan Feb as well some they have still exist but support team replied with same script...I understand development takes a time but atleast something required to update even I told them if they required any help from my side I will do for sure

Yes..it will be useful 

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This as well 2 review but couldn't find It below client history and they posted 2 job still showing 1 open job...how!?

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this is another one same issue no review is visible 

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I observer that after oct 2023 NO update on review...I give review to client and job are close too still it's not reflecting on their profile they hire me and I left feedback not event in progress one...so this need to fix as soon as possible 

Clients are allowed to keep projects open with freelancers if they want to continue working with them - it shows as an "in progress" job for both the client and the freelancer. There's no discrepancy or lack of transparency, just a misunderstanding on your part.

He is saying project is completed still on client profile it's visible as in progress 

Due to system is not up to date at client side.

have you found any 2024 date review on client profile? 🤔

But this job is already completed and ended 4 months back. We both gave feedback also. Then why this job post is still showing In Progress in His account and also my feedback is also not showing in his account. This is my concern.

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I have a piece of good news to share: the Customer Support has just informed me that the issue should be resolved. I checked a few client records and verified that, at least for those records, it's true. I would suggest that others who were affected do their own checks as well.

Yes I can see updated data till April 2024 ☺️🙌

Yes, It's updated. We just wish this should be continuously updating and fast. Not every time, we have to message here and then they will update.

I have only one concluded contract in 2024 (January), it's now showing as completed on the client's profile page BUT it shows "no feedback given" both for client and freelancer feedback. In reality, we both gave each other stellar 5-star feedbacks. So, the fix seems to be partial?

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