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Connection of debit card failed & Other device login message every Login.

Hi, Upwork Support Team.

I tried to connect debit card to my billing method. After that, I got messages from Upwork that my card connected but Upwork still doesn't show the card as billing method.

Also I use my laptop in the same location but I get "login from unknown device" message every time when I login.

Could you resolve this issue?



Hello Lucas,


If you are receiving an email that says you are logging in from an unknown device, it may have something to do with your device and browser's settings.


Please check the following settings on your device:


  1. 3rd party security/privacy app or browser extensions preventing your device information from being shared
  2. Strict Privacy & Security browser settings
  3. Cookies being cleared from the browser each time you exit

For your billing method, please try to refresh your page or log in/out again to check if the card has been added. If not, just let us know by submitting a ticket here.

~ Alyssa

Hi, Support team.

I was unable to get a ticket from the url you've provided me.

Could you send me a new ticket to contact your support team to resolve my issue on Upwork.

Thanks, Lucas

Hi Lucas,


I took the liberty of escalating your report with our support team and raised a ticket. Once your case is thoroughly reviewed, you will get an update on that ticket here. Don't hesitate to coordinate, and they'll surely assist you in resolving the issue.


~ Arjay
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