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Consulting Project complete breakdown

Two weeks ago a client contracted for my web consultation.  The first problem was that the 'messaging' feature required to interact with the client just took me to a page with an endless 'animation' graphic.  So it was impossible to interact with the prospective client.  I submitted a 'panicked' support request but the time for the consult passed with no resolution.  So now, from the client's perspective I was a 'no show' with no way to message them to explain.  So I submitted another support request.  The issue is still unresolved two weeks later.  So not only did I lose a consultation fee but any chance of a long contract for web development.  And who knows how this will affect my ratings.   And to add insult to injury, attached is what happens when I try to access the support request.


Hi Richard, 


I'm sorry for the inconvenience and trouble this may have caused you. I can confirm that your report has been escalated to the appropriate team for further review. I've contacted them as well and submitted a follow-up to give your case the attention it deserves. Kindly expect an update from the team on this page or your email momentarily.


~ Arjay
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