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Contract-to-Hire Opportunities

We’re making it easier for talent open to full-time work to find contract-to-hire opportunities on Upwork.


Check out the product update for Contract-to-Hire Opportunities, and let us know your thoughts about this update in the comments below.


Hello Jayanti,


I actually have (2) Dream job project positions here on UpWork:

1) Reimbursement position working with a small private practices physcians office on **Edited for Community Guidelines** Responsibilities of handling denials, EOB/ERA payments, secondary billing verifying insurance and more.

2) Data Entry: Training currently in Pivot Tables and really enjoying the process. I have had much success in Data Entry. My last project was on**Edited for Community Guidelines**. Did well in profit and I hope I pleased the Client.                           My UpWork profile is:  https://www.upwork.com/freelancers/~0166906ea4ba9e16df if anyone has input to offer. - MaryG.

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I'm interested 

Community Member

Hello hope you doing good i need some help how can i post a job on upwork with using my freelancing account i post a job already but my account was suspended what's the reason is this i need help

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you have violated any Upwork rule like outside communication or something pay method off this platform.

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Once a contract is converted and I'm hired full-time using this feature, will be an hourly project or fixed-price? Will all other things in the contract remain the same after it is converted? 

Hi Hamza,


Thank you for reaching out. The clients fill out a form for the contract details which will be sent to you right after. Then you will be able to view whether they made any changes to your prior contract and decide if you want to accept it or not.

~ AJ

Will the client be able to pay automatically pay me monthly too after it?

Will the client be able to automatically pay me monthly too after it? Without needing to create milestones or updating anything after that.

Hi Hamza,


After the contract is converted it won't be handled by Upwork anymore, so any payment amount and frequency are to be discussed between you and your client. I'd recommend that you read this help article to better understand how Contract-to-Hire works.

~ Luiggi
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Hello hope you doing good i need some help how can i post a job on upwork with using my freelancing account i post a job already 

ok send me job link

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Dear Shannon,

This is a very thoughtful initiative to assist talents further in their career path.  The process as highlighted seems simple and easy to navigate.

Keep up the good work.



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