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Converting freelancer account to agency account

Hi, I'm unable to edit any of my information about my agency on my agency account which has recently been converted from freelancer account.



Hi Neha,


Can you please confirm if you're getting any error messages whenever you try editing your profile information? If you do, would you mind sharing a screenshot of what you see? You can always try clearing your browser cache and cookies, or using a different browser to see if that helps.

~ Luiggi

Not any error messages but the edit keys freeze and hence do not allow me to edit any information on my profile. Any help with that?
Also, when I try to place proposals to any project, I'm redirected to a page where it shows 2 plans: Basic plan and Plus plan. But does not allow me to apply to that job, can you also help me with that?



Hi Ankur,


I took a closer look at your agency profile and I can't replicate the issue you're describing. I can see the option to edit your agency information by going to Settings page. Could you please confirm which part of your agency information you're having difficulties editing? This way we can look closer and assist you accordingly. If you can share a screenshot of what you can see from your end, that would be extremely helpful. Looking forward to your response.


~ Arjay
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