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Currently restricted from this chat

Hello. I was chatting with a potential client last night and they sent me questions to complete as part of the interviewing process. I completed all the questions and sent them via the message. This morning checked to see if they had responded to me, but instead, I saw a small message that said the person is currently restricted from this conversation. What exactly does that mean and will I get the connections back to my account if this was a scam? Thank you.

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Account suspended.

Yes, your connects will be refunded if Upwork will delete job for ToS violation.

Hi Mykola. Thank you so much for answering my question. What does ToS mean? Do you know how long it will take for UpWork to delete the job posting? How often does this happen, I thought Upwork was a safe place to get contract/freelance work. Do we have to worry about scammers here too?

Juliet, the job is probably deleted. ToS refers to Upwork's terms of service.


A client trying to get free work, contacting you outside the platform, making you fill forms with personal details, trying to make you buy or pay for something, tries to pay you outside the platform is violating ToS. Any freelancer who is in cahoots with such a client is also going against ToS.


You can contact clients through other means after a contract is in place here, but get paid only through this platform.


Yes, Upwork is like any other online space, with its share of scammers, only they seem to have increased ten-fold since last year.


Hi Rekha,


Thanks for breaking down what qualifies as ToS. I am very new to this platform. I just completed my profile over the weekend and I was super thrilled when this guy reached out to me. He gave me 8 questions to answer, and even though some of them were outside my scope of knowledge, I spent most of my evening answering them. Moving forward, I will have to be very careful about potential clients who are not respectful of the ToS.


Since the job posting was deleted, does that mean I will receive my connects back by EOD? I think I used 12 connects to apply for that job.

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Hi community,

I was chatting with a long time client, he was a very good client, but also suddenly received the message of "NNNN  is currently restricted from this conversation"
He is a really good client, certainly not a scammer, so why does this mean?

In fact I have just accepted a new offer from him.

How can I contact him from within the Upwork platform now to continue this job?



Hi Jorge,


I'm sorry to learn about the issue with your client's account. I'm afraid that if they are restricted, you won't be able to contact them through the platform. We won't be able to share details about another user's account for privacy reasons; they'll need to resolve the issue with their account to resume working with you. 

~ Luiggi
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Was this by any chance from An **Edited for Community Guidelines**

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I have the same experience just now.

Hi Mel,


I checked the job post you were referring to and it appears that it's already been taken down because it was in violation of Upwork TOS.

Please check out this course for more tips on staying safe on Upwork and please use the flag option found on each job post or message anytime you’d like to report a violation.


- Pradeep


Thanks so much, this is a helpful tips.

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I had the same experience just now . the chat box showed that this person is restricted from the chat. I assume that it is because of he wanted to send me a mail and I realized that I lost my connects through this. Will i get my connects back?


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I faced the same problem. I don’t think that this person is a scammer, moreover, I don’t know if he posted any posts about the job at all, he is part of my potential client’s team who helped me during the interview process. And he never asked me to work outside of upwork. So I'm confused about this client blocking situation.


Hi natalia,

im facing the same problem for the moment can you please tell me if youre client solve this problem andif yes what does he did 

yes, he solved this problem, but unfortunately I don’t know how

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I also have the same experience just now. The client even barely said anything. He's just said "Hello👋", when shortly after I replied his message, the little "Currently restricted from this conversation" message appeared.


I hope I could get help for this issue. 

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