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Customer rights

I agreed with a freelancer that he would write the code for 10 hours of work during the week (see screenshot). The essence of the task: to correct the Python code, consisting of 254 lines. After 8 days, I actually received the first version from him, where he asked to check the code and promised to quickly fix the errors. The code didn't work quite right. I pointed out the mistakes. Another week has passed. Upwork charged me another weekly amount. I didn’t count on the double cost of the order at all. I tried to contact the freelancer, but he ignored me. The third week and the third count have begun. I was at a loss and canceled the contract.
Result: I didn't receive any code other than the first version.
I filed a dispute. Upwork, apparently without delving into the essence, replied that the freelancer conscientiously noted the hours of work and is entitled to my money for 20 hours of work.
At the same time, I, as a customer, are not told what I am entitled to. As a customer, do I at least have the right to receive the result of his two-week work?
If so, how?


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Can you see screenshots of his work?

Yes. There is python code written for Linux. It automatically transfers files from one hard drive to several others.
It was necessary to adapt the ready-made Python code to work in Windows.
And modify it so that the file changes its extension during the transfer. Adaptation to Windows was completed within a week. But the second condition was not fulfilled even in two weeks and for double payment.


Hi Konstantin,


I'm sorry to hear about your experience with the freelancer. The dispute process is based on the hours billed by the freelancer. Both you and the freelancer receive Hourly Payment Protection. Since the freelancer followed all the guidelines to qualify for payment protection, the dispute ended in their favor. Nonetheless, I'll have one of our agents contact you via a support ticket with more information so that they can assist you further.

~ Luiggi
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The main problem of Upwork: freelancers know how to deceive the system and get money only for indicating the time, and not the result of the work. And there are customers who don’t know any of this and rely on the integrity of the freelancer and the protection of the Upwork portal from scammers. I was left without money and without the result of my work. Moreover, I lost twice as much as I was willing to pay for the finished work. But the freelancer is right! Are you serious?! Are there really people here who think this is normal???

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I only mention it to see if you have "evidence" of his either doing the work or not doing the work. If the second week's screenshots show he's just been picking his nose with a mouse jiggler, then Upwork may be able to do something. Anyway it seems you are already involved with support. Best of luck!

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