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Disable Posting

In my client's message it says DISABLE_POSTING can you please help me.

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Hi Gemma B, 


There are a few possible reasons:

  1. Account has been suspended or restricted.
  2. Have been blocked by the other user.
  3. Have reached the limit of messages you can send per day.
  4. Have violated Upwork's Terms of Service.

Hi Gemma,


I'm sorry for any confusion this could've caused you. When you see that notification, it means that the client has lost access to the Message room because of an issue with their account. The wording is confusing because this is a known issue, and our engineers are working on ensuring that the notification is clear to our users.


While we won't be able to share the details of another user's account, you can visit this page to learn why our Trust & Safety team may take action on someone's account. In addition, please visit this article to learn how to stay safe while working on Upwork. 

~ Luiggi
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Hi I am so confused as to why in the conversation to a client it says [their name] DISABLE_POSTING. does this mean I can't talk to them anymore?

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