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**Edited** is this a scam...

Hi, I am new to Upwork and would love to know if anyone has experienced 

**Edited for Community Guidelines**

I was applying for a food writing role and was then asked to contact a guy on telegram.. I was given a different writing job an ebook in DPF typed into word... then the guy asked if I wanted to be a virtual assistant as well. 


What do you think? would love some advice... 🙂 


Lost Sara 

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I think that you will be banned soon if continue broke rules. Never contact Telegram without contract.

My advice: take time to read ToS, carefuly. It is allow you to avoid most of scam, incl this.

thank you for the feedback. I appreciate it 


Hi, did you take the job and get paid? Because I was contacted by this company recently.

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that happened to me too, I sent a proposal and WASTING my connects. Once she said hello, she sent a telegram and I told her to just communicate on Upwork then no reply from her. I withdrew my proposal and reported the job but I hate to waste on my connect for that scammer job. 

I read in this community that some people done the job and to be able to get the payment they must pay some amount to the scammer. So the freelancer will need to work for free and if they are stupid enough they will also sent money. I hope Upwork will return the connection if the freelancer withdraws the proposal due to the scam. 

Never withdraw proposal. It was your fault. Report scammer and wait until job will be deleted for ToS violation. You will receive your connects back. But after withdraw your connects is lost.

Thank You, no wonder some of my proposals got canceled and Upwork returned my connects. Next time I will report the job and wait until it gets canceled.

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Hi Sarah, the same thing happened to me. He asked me to translate about 120 PDFs within a 3-day deadline and offered a payment of 2500USD. I replied, "Please send me a consultant agreement along with the NDA to my email address." Suddenly, the Telegram message disappeared, and I forgot to take a screenshot of it.

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