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Effect of refund on JSS



I recently started a project with a new client.  It appears that this project may not be a good fit for either of us.  I'm contemplating offering the option of a full refund and termination of the contract.   What effect would this have on my JSS?


Thanks for your attention.


Bruce Dodds


Hi Bruce, Thanks for reaching out! 


Refunds don’t directly impact JSS, however, a refund may mean the client is unsatisfied and this may be reflected in their feedback which can impact JSS. Also, contracts with $0 earned and positive feedback will be excluded from JSS.


Kindly know that when calculating your JSS, what counts on the outcome is the rating/feedback of your client on the contract including the weight of that contract compared to your other contracts.


You can find more information about job success scores here

~ Samuel
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