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First Job was flagged for TOS Violation

I can't find a way to get support from Upwork. I posted my first job (looking for an illustrator) and it was flagged for TOS?




Hi Splice,


I'm sorry for how this could've inconvenienced you. I see that you are communicating with our Customer Support team regarding this. Don't hesitate to follow up if you need further assistance.

~ Luiggi
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If your job post on Upwork was flagged for a violation of the Terms of Service (TOS), and you're seeking support, here are some steps you can take:

  1. Review Upwork's Policies: Start by carefully reviewing Upwork's Terms of Service and Community Guidelines. Understand the rules and policies that govern the platform to identify any potential violations in your job post.

  2. Edit the Job Post: If you identify any elements in your job post that may have violated Upwork's policies, edit the post to ensure it complies with the guidelines. Remove any content or language that may be against Upwork's rules.

  3. Contact Upwork Support: Upwork provides customer support to address user inquiries and concerns. You can typically find a "Help & Support" or "Contact Us" section on the Upwork website. Use the available channels (such as chat, email, or a support ticket system) to explain your situation and seek clarification on why your job post was flagged.

  4. Provide Additional Information: In your communication with Upwork support, be clear and provide any additional information that may help them understand the context of your job post. Explain the nature of the work you're seeking and address any concerns raised by the flagging.

  5. Be Patient: After reaching out to Upwork support, be patient while waiting for a response. Support teams typically handle inquiries in the order they are received, and it may take some time to investigate and provide a resolution.

  6. Consider Policy Compliance: Ensure that your job post aligns with Upwork's policies moving forward to prevent further issues. Familiarize yourself with the guidelines to avoid unintentional violations.

  7. Check Your Email: Upwork may send notifications or information about flagged job posts via email. Check your email inbox, including spam or junk folders, for any messages from Upwork regarding the flagged job post.

Remember that Upwork support is there to assist you, and they can provide specific guidance based on your situation. If you're unable to find the appropriate support channels on the Upwork platform, you might want to check their Help Center or community forums for additional information on how to contact support.

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I have the same issue and cannot find how to find the support ticket the chat bot tells me to find and fill out 

Hi Bruce,


I checked your account and can confirm that someone from our verification team contacted you directly via a support ticket. You can reply to the ticket directly by following this link. The same email was also sent to the email address associated with your Upwork account. 

~ Joanne
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I want Upwork marketing email preference link

Hi Alishba,


Thank you for your message. You can update the email notification preference from the Settings page > Notification Settings > Email updates. 


- Pradeep

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