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Fraud by freelancer

I hired a freelancer named **Edited for Community Guidelines**on the Upwork platform. He works for a company called **Edited for Community Guidelines**. I had a set fee contract and have already paid $14,200. The freelancer has gone dark and refuses to turn over the game that he was building for me. I'm not sure what to do. I have alerted Upwork, but all I am told by their staff is that they are sorry I've had this experience, I wrote a review so that hopefully others would see my experience but because he is a top rated freelancer he is allowed to remove my review, warning others of the fraud. Upwork simply said it was part of their policy when I asked if they were OK knowing that somebody was committing fraud and using their platform. I'm not sure what I should do I'm out a lot of money and I have nothing to show for it. Upwork seems unwilling to help.


Hi Kevin,


I appreciate that you brought this to our attention, and I am sorry for how this has inconvenienced you. I have escalated your situation, and our Mediation team will be getting in touch with you soon to assist you further with this. You can expect to hear from them via a support ticket

~ Luiggi
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Hi Kevin,
I will be probably also facing something similar and I was wondering how did it go for you? Did Upwork help you to get your money back?

Best regards,

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