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Freelance plus subscription cancellation

I want to end my subscription to freelancer plus but this error keeps showing up "We are in process of subscription renewals and upgrades are not possible during that period. Please come back later" Please help me out with this and switch my membership to BASIC

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Try at other time, the system could be busy. You can also contact to the "Get Support" section and record your problem to the Upwork team!

Haha, you're joking, right. They don't give support.


Hi Ailia,


Can you please try following these steps to downgrade from Freelancer Plus to Freelancer Basic:


  1. Go to Settings  Memberships & Connects
  2. Select View or Edit Membership Plan
  3. Choose the Switch to Basic button on the Basic plan


Let us know if the issue persists with a screenshot of what you can see from your end. We'll look further into that for you. Looking forward to your confirmation.


~ Arjay


This is the issue

Hi Ailia, 

It looks like your billing cycle ends on the 6th of every month and starts on the 7th of every month. You can change your monthly billing cycle date by downgrading to a Freelancer Basic plan before your billing date this month and then upgrading to a Freelancer Plus plan the following month on your preferred billing date. For example: If your current billing date is the 15th, and you want to change it to the 1st, you'd need to downgrade before November 15th and re-enroll in the Freelancer Plus plan on December 1st. If you downgraded after November 15th, you'd need to wait until January 1st to renew your billing cycle.

I hope this clarifies things for you. 

~ Avery
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This is simple and can easily be done. 
In the settings click on the memberships tab, click edit and switch to basic. If its not working, clear the cashe and you'll have the results.
Let me know if it doesn't work.

Thank you.

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