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Getting more invites

Hello i recently got top rated badge on upwork , 

but since then i am now not receving any job invitations can anywon guide me is there any change that i need to make or how can i get more job invites being a top rated freelancer 



Hi Muhammad,


Thank you for your message. Our freelancer search is based on several factors that continue to evolve. We cannot disclose exactly what makes up the rules for a search order, and those rules are likely to change, so any specific advice we could give you would be short-lived. Search is no longer mainly static, meaning it always stays the same. Depending on marketplace activity across jobs and contractors, a contractor's search position will likely ebb and flow.

Some sound principles to remember for ranking well in search are as follows:
  • Do good work for clients and establish good long-term relationships on Upwork.
  • Only apply to jobs to which you are qualified.
  • Be accurate in showcasing your abilities & skills on your contractor profile.

Thank you,


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