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Getting paid for the last 2 weeks of April

Hello, currently I am in Russia and I know that all the contracts with freelancers in Russia to be ceased effective May 01. I have an ongoing contract and would like to work untill that date. Could you please clarify :

-will I be able to get paid and transfer money to banks after May 01 for the last two weeks of April? It takes 1 week to check the hours for the client, hence the  last 2 weeks in April can only be paid on May 4 and May 11 retrospectively;

- if I move to another country after May 01 and do everything you need to unlock my account to restart working on the same contact with the same client, which I have been working on since September 2021, will I be able to have the same upwork fee that I had? Or I will have to start with 20% fee for the first $500 again?

Thank you!

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Hi Aleksandr,


That's correct, you'll still be able to wrap up your active projects until May 1, 2022. After May 1, we will allow the standard period for client review and approval and security, and a reasonable amount of time for freelancers to withdraw funds.
Also, I'd like to clarify that while freelancers located in Russia and Belarus will be unavailable and unreachable through the Upwork platform beginning May 1, 2022, Upwork will not be removing them entirely. If, for example, a freelancer relocates and provides proof of new residency, they will be able to resume work on the platform as before. Feel free to check out this page for more information.

~ Valeria
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