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Goods and services tax (GST)


Everytime I log in, I have a box that has this message:

In compliance with Tax Law, we must add Canadian taxes (GST/HST) on Upwork fees unless you have provided a GST/HST number. Please click here to add your tax information and ensure your legal name on the W8BEN form matches your registered name on your tax ID. For more details, read our FAQs
I therefore went ahead and added my GST number provided by CRA as a 9 digit entry.

However, I keep receiving this message:

We were unable to verify the tax ID number(s) you submitted.

Again, as of Febuary 2024, I am fully registered for GST/HST.

Please advise.

Hi Jean-David,


 I have requested the assistance of our team. One of our agents will reach out and assist you directly via a support ticket.

~ Joanne
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Hi Joanne,

I've setup my account and now I'm ready to get paid after wrapping up my first contract.

My tax information is fully validated, but on my "Get Paid" page, I still get the message:

To withdraw earnings, please update your tax information. For more details, read our FAQs.

But there's nothing to update. It's all up to date and validated by Upwork.

Please advise.
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