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Got scammed by a client

I received a hourly contract offer by a client and  his profile and  payment method was verified by Upwork already.

i started working on the project and i reported my working hours through Upwork Tracker with memos but at the end of the week payment is reversed to client account by Upwork.
I contacted with the Upwork Help & support team and they claimed it that the client has done a fraudulent activity and he violated the Upwork user agreement so that is why all my working hours refunded to his account.

So, my question are !
Why Upwork help & support team telling me this story now?
Does Upwork payment protection system is that easy to bypass or breach?
Upwork doesn't care about the freelancers payment protection?
Is this plateform is completely free to be used by the scammers?


and how can i get back my working hours payment now?
Upwork team is probably do not care to give me answer of this question as of now. 😞

I look forwad to hearing back from you guys!

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They said it didn't qualify for payment protection. Did you go to the hourly payment protection link they sent to see why it didn't qualify for protection?

Yes, the Account was verified and also qualified for the payment protection when i accepted and get started working on the project. Now Upwork help & support team has claimed it that client has done fraudulent activity and his payment method wasn't eligible for the Upwork payment protection, So what is our fault if any client breaching or bypassing Upwork payment protection system?

Did you also do "all" of the following?


To qualify for Hourly Payment Protection, you must:

  • Log your hours with the Upwork Desktop App
  • Have contract-related activity in your Work Diary
  • Update your Work Diary with memos or activities labels that describe the activity performed
  • Maintain adequate and fair activity levels
  • Stay within the contract's weekly limit




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As far as I know, Upwork does not protect your money for manually added time.

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I have a client that is scamming me, and I probably will not receive any payment for my work since I manually added my time.

I want to file a dispute to remove this person from Upwork and protect other freelancers from being scammed by him.

I asked him about approving my time since it had been going on for three weeks, and no approvals. He said it would be approved that night but still didn't approve it. I told him I could only continue once he approved or gave me feedback, and later he canceled the contract.

I want some guidance on how to submit feedback and file a dispute to remove this client from Upwork, hopefully.

Use the instructions in the article below to report them. 



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