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Hourly contract offers not working today. Can I share my email addres with a client in the meantime?

A client just ent over an hourly contract but due to the current issues in the website, I'm still not seeing it. We need to get the ball rolling ASAP. Can I share my email with them in the meantime until Upwork resolves the hourly contracts issue?


The contract will be in place eventually. I'm just wondering if there is some wiggle room given the situation. 

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We are aware that some clients may be experiencing issues submitting hourly offers, and freelancers may not receive these offers. Please check the Upwork status page for regular updates.


You can use fixed-price a while.

Hello Mykola. Thanks for your swift response.


However, my question is if I can share my email with that particular client at this time, even without a contract, due to the fact that they need to add me to their slack channel ASAP. Obviously, once the contract issue gets resolved, it will be in place. 

Got you. You can not share contact info until contract started. But if it will be started soon so not a problem at all. Your decission, will you risk or follow rules.

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NVM. I see the offer already. Thanks!

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