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How can I email my W8-BEN form to the tax team.

I have completed the tax information again (it was already correct but Upwork required it to be entered again.)


It then says because I am in a tax treaty country to enter the country.  Which I did.


Then it says 

Other entity type or claiming treaty benefits

Please fill out a complete W-8BEN or W-8BEN-E form along with signature, and send to the Upwork tax team if you are:
  • An entity type other than individual, corporation, or partnership (for a full list, please look at the types provided on the IRS form W-8BEN-E), or;
  • An individual or corporation claiming treaty benefits;


Which I did.  I have been emailing "Support" who just keep telling me to fill in the online information.  I have re-done this and re-saved it.  I am now going round in circles asking the same simple questiopn again and again and being given the same totally useless answer.


I jkust need to send my W8-BEN form to the tax team, as per the tax web page.  But none of the emails from Support will tell me HOW to send the form to the tax team.


PLEASE, CAN ANYONE HELP?  Very frustrated - all I need is the email address.  


Hi Julie-Ann,


I can see that you've raised a support ticket regarding your concern as you mentioned. As indicated by the Customer Support agent, you do not need to send an email. You filled out the required information within your account settings and that's all you needed to do. 


Thank you.

~ Luiggi
Community Member

Same situation with Ma'am Julie Ann. I see that we don't need to send an email to the support team of Upwork. we just need to fill out the information. 

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