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How do I file a complaint against a freelancer?

I hired him but he cancelled the contract so I can't give feedback that way.


I need to complain for the following reasons:

  1. He didn't do the work I asked of him,
  2. He keeps giving excuses why he can't do the work,
  3. He cancelled the contract without asking me,
  4. He doesn't communicate to me when I have asked him to complete some work as to why it hasn't been done,
  5. He asked that I hire and pay him off the Upwork platform,
  6. He says he bought Instagram followers for an account I asked him to create when that was never part of the job description.

I need to make this complaint official to protect other potential hirers. I would also like the complaint to reflect on his profile.


I want to point out that I don't think he's a bad dude.  I just think he has a shocking work ethic (or at least not a work ethic that aligns with my own values).

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I think you should talk to Upwork support about this.


Hi Ryan,


We're sorry to hear that. Please know that we've requested the assistance of our team. One of our agents will contact you directly via a support ticket and assist you further. 

~ Joanne
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Support has contacted me and the issue has been resolved.


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