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How to maintain upwork top badge on Upwork?

I got the top rated status today. I don't want to lose this and I need some informations on how can i keep this badge on my profile? Looking forward to get some helps from the pros on this field.


1. What are the things that causes to lose this badge?

2. If i lose it will my top rated eligible count start from 0 weeks?

3. What are the actions should i take to get the badge back when i see i lost the badge?


Thank you

MD. Rakibul Islam


Hi MD. Rakibul,


I hope you're doing well. As long as you continue to meet the criteria for having the Top Rated badge, you will get to keep it. If you ever lose it for any reason, that's the same criteria that you'll have to meet in order to become eligible again. I'd suggest that you take a look at this page so that you can get familiar with them.

~ Luiggi
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