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I am getting tired of UpWork, please help!

Why does everything have to be so frustrating?

I decided to start my career here on Upwork, and oh boy is it going well.
In all seriousness though, I was trying to create an agency page and it took several hours for me to figure out how. After finally having my page up I decided to delete my freelancer account and keep my Agency account. And turns out I deleted everything.


After looking for a couple of minutes I stumbled upon this forum site and thought it might be useful.
The plan was to send a message to an admin and get my account restored within minutes. Or was it? I am not even able to see the messages I am sending!!



Hi there,


I can see that you've already submitted the same request to the relevant team and a support ticket has been set up as well. Please continue coordinating with the team through that ticket and the email associated with the account you need assistance with so that the team can assist you more efficiently.


~ Arjay
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