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I am not able to connect with the support


I am facing identity issues after adding my brother payoneer account to my uowork profiule. Now there is no create a new ticket option in my support request tab and I am not able to talk with the support.


I need help.

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Hi Mohsin,


I see that you were able to contact our support team and raise a ticket about your account concerns. Please continue coordinating with the team through that ticket so they can assist you more efficiently. You can always access your ticket on this page and email for updates.


~ Arjay

It has been almost a week, and my account is still on hold. The support is very slow. 😞

We've submitted a follow-up directly to the team handling your case, and they confirmed that it's been resolved.


You're all set, Mohsin. Thank you for reaching out to us here in the Community.


~ Arjay
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