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I am not able to upload my photo even after reputed

Dear Sir, 


I want to upload my photo in my profile . But it is failed repeatedly .




Subhasish Ghatak

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Hello Subhasish Ghatak, please ensure that your image size meets Upwork's requirements. You can search on Google for Upwork's profile picture size guidelines. Additionally, please use an online background remover to keep the background color white. Best of luck.


Hi Iss,


Thank you for reaching out.


I have forwarded your concern to our support team. They will reach out to you as soon as possible. You can check for a response here. You may also check this article for tips when selecting your profile picture>How To Choose A Good Profile Picture.


Have a good day!

~ Johnabi
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Hey Subhasish,


To upload a profile picture on Upwork:


• Ensure the image meets Upwork's size and format requirements.


• Clear browser cache or try a different browser.


• Make sure you're not using an ad-blocker that might interfere.


• Disable any browser extensions that could cause issues.


And if your problem still not solve 

• Contact Upwork support for technical assistance.


Warm Regards,


Mian Samran

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