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I do not receive all the money in the local bank account




Last Friday, on the 15th, I made a withdrawal of ~426 dollars. When I checked this transaction better, I saw that 1926 RON (my country's currency, Romania) will come to my account. The problem is that 426 dollars means about 1988 RON. Where is the rest of the money, i.e. 62 RON ($13.31)?


It's my hard-earned money and it's not right what's happening.


So please ,someone help me with this problem!


I would also like to ask how long does it usually take for the money to enter the local bank?


Thank you!

Bogdan P.



Hello Bogdan,


Thank you so much for contacting us in regards to your withdrawal.

Kindly note that the difference between the amount received and the expected amount is due to the exchange rate.


The currency conversion will be performed by Upwork's banking partner at the time the funds are sent to you. While it's not possible to show the real-time conversion rate, you can check the last exchange rate used by Upwork's banking partner on the manual withdrawal form.


Additionally, you can check the exchange rate on the invoice of the withdrawal. You can view it by going to Report> Transactions History then click on the withdrawal invoice ID hyperlink to download the invoice and view the exchange rate.


I hope that helps.

~ Mostafa
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