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I filed a dispute 3 days ago and no activity from upwork yet ?

The client ended the contract saying it is not functional. while I sent them a loom video showing/explaining it is working as they wanted also asked the client to come over for a video conference so I can show that it is working absolutely fine but they didn't attend a meeting with me and after two days they ended the contract asking for a refund.
I have completed the project as discussed and I want full money for the remaining 1300USD. Because I have already uploaded code to clients' GitHub and now they will run away with the code without paying me.

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Community Manager

Hi Shahbaz,


I'm sorry to hear your contract resulted in a dispute. Our mediation team's response time is 3-4 business days and we're currently experiencing a high number of contacts. The team is doing their best to assist everyone as soon as possible. I've let them know you're looking for an update here and they'll be updating your dispute as soon as possible.



Thank you so much .much appreciated.


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